This is Only the Beginning

So I decided to start a blog today. Obviously.

Why would I do this? I am not the best writer, and I don’t have a particular topic in mind to write about. Because I love EVERYTHING! I love singing, opera, Doctor Who, cross-stitching, Sci-Fi books, musicals, making origami paper flowers, making jewelry, my husband (figured I should mention him at some point in here), baking, penguins, LGBTQ rights, playing Super Nintendo video games, sushi, Netflix, cleaning, Firefly, animals… the list goes on. And I’m sure other people have many different interests, and feel perfectly okay with that. But not me. I am an adult with A.D.D.; All of these things that I love (and more) are in my head at once, and it drives me crazy. Sometimes that’s a good thing.

My point is, this blog will not be just about opera, or parenting (well, dog-parenting), or baking, or nerdy goodness – well, maybe more nerdy goodness than anything else. This blog will have a little bit of everything. You will not agree with me on every single post (if you do, please let me know so we can become best friends 4-EVA)… I will probably not agree with me on every single post. I just want a place to empty my mind, and I thought my mind would be interesting enough to the internet public.

IMG_2805 - Stormtrooper sexiest costume

I was the sexiest Stormtroooper this Halloween. This is a preview of what’s to come.


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